Ever thought that the Moon was made of cheese? Did you want to prove that it was (or wasn’t)? Why don’t you just buymoon_gal a piece of Lunar Land and do just that.

Yes you can actually buy a piece of the moon at www.lunarregistry.com

An acre of Lunar land goes for 18.95$ and comes complete with parchment deed, a satellite photograph of the property and geographical information of where your property is. The site is run in alliance and is authorized by the Lunar Republic Society in accordance with the Lunar Settlement Initiative. The funds collected from sale of the land will be used to fund the resettlement project, which is slated to start by 2015.

They could have hired a better web designer to create a better page, which would definitely enhance the authenticity of the whole thing.

With the population on Planet Earth growing at a phenomenal rate, its high time we thought about new frontiers to settle ourselves.