Mostly seen as the muck that grows in fish tanks and ponds, this muck may be what is going to bring relief to growing food prices. While Dubya and America blames the rise of food prices on India and China, because the US needs to divert corn to make bio-fuels, research is being carried out to ease the pain. Pain that is more severe due to India and China controlling exports so that the prices of food grains back home will remain low.

Oil yields from algae have been found to be more than those produced by other oil seeds. Moreover, algae requires carbon dioxide, which is the main cause of global warming. Algae farms are now being set up on an experimental basis near power plants where smokestacks feed the farms with carbon dioxide. Research is also being carried out to genetically modify algae to increase the oil yields.

As a sort of domino effect, the increased usage of algae to produce bio-fuels, should lead to a reduction in the dependence on food grains to produce bio-fuels, which should result in decreasing food prices and scarcity of food grains.

With the demand for fuels ever on the rise, the cultivation of algae should be controlled, or it would lead to land under cultivation for food crops being transformed into algae farms.