So just when you thought that Google had revolutionized the ad industry by offering text only ads, through an ad program that everyone can sign up for, you find more sites adding on to the good work they have done. 2 of the sites which I found having impressive targeted ads which includes graphics and banners were Facebook and Linkedin.

This of course also clears up the doubt about how these companies would be funded. After all online social networking, finding friends across the oceans, friends you thought were long lost and business associates who you plan to keep in touch with in the future doesn’t come free. map-775454

From targeted networking for professionals as you can find on Linkedin – where you don’t have to browse through a thousand fake profiles and namesakes before you find the right one, to Facebook – where you have a quadrillion confusing applications and an equivalent number of fake profiles they all provide avenue’s for advertising.

A surprising outsider was Orkut, Google’s social networking arm, which doesn’t offer the parents advertising programs, but seems to be catching up lately with the front runner Facebook by offering new applications, however no where near whacky and fun as Facebook.

The map published by LaMonde and Datamonitor shows the usage of Social Networking sites across the world. Web 2.0 is now throwing up more opportunities to make money on the Internet than what the original founders of the Internet meant it to, as an information network. As advertising comes to the forefront as the premier revenue source, we can soon expect free Internet access, sponsored by companies, who want us to visit their website. Initially, this will be by dialing up a dedicated number, but as they consolidate, a single number will take us to free websites, where services are available, without the customer having to pay for bandwidth.