A US based business woman has started a Toy rental company. Toys can be rented for a specified period and a rubber-duck-1 specified price and then returned in the box it came in, after the lease period is over. Shipping prices are built into the pricing and a tie up with a well networked courier saves trouble.

This is a totally different paradigm which is bound to effect the toy business if it catches on. If such lease companies were to proliferate world wide, the sales of toys would be affected. The end user would approach the lease companies which could make a killing. The reason behind this is becuase kids easily lose interest in the toy and they outgrow the toy in a matter of months. These lease companies could end up controlling the sales of toys.

Pretty soon, we will see notices on toys saying that these toys are to be used only by the owner and cannot be rented and leased or displayed at public places including restaurants, oil rigs…etc – like we see on DVDs.

With popular toys costing an arm and a leg (A tickle me Elmo costs 30 KD in Alghanim) the parent will need to weigh the benefit of seeing a happy smile with paying for toys that are going to gather dust in a few months. The business model can be honed to shorten the time to market in distant places (the Tickle me Elmo was available in Dubai in September!! and only recently introduced here), to gain more popularity.

The whole things reduces the load on the parent: less clutter, less expense and the kid is happy too…

While the toys are sanitized, its better to avoid this for toddlers who fancy shoving things up every orfice of their body they can reach.

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