Special day is around. All the major supermarkets and shops are storing stuff for the special day. Anyone who heard Linda on RK FM 997 a couple of days ago plugging the goods and services of a major supermarket knows what I am talking about.

Its as though there was a gag order not to use the V word.  Well if the word can’t be said then hypocritical interjection in the ads should be avoided as well.

The news papers are full of ads and the flower shops are red with passion. some Eateries are having a special package tomorrow for couples. With threats of disruption of any celebrations and public display by a section of society, the relevance of what the so called saint did for lovers is only increased, adding legitimacy to the worlds biggest marketing gimmick. A gimmick that adds to the bottom line of gift producers and leaves a hole in the pocket of many a man.

Incidentally, India and the Middle East are the two areas that are able to see through this gimmick

Happy Valentine’s Day.