aerion ss jet The Aerion is a commercially available super sonic jet which can fly at Mach 1.6 and can operate on most runways which are used by most business jets. The operating costs are more or less similar to normal jets. The jet can seat up to 12 people. The wing  is made of carbon epoxy, which provides it with structural rigidity and low weight and the body is made of a mix of  aluminum and composite material.

The jet can cruise below Mach speeds, where the regulations require that it does not create a sonic boom that reaches the ground. However, it can fly at 1.6 over oceans and give the bang for its buck.

Rumored to be priced at 80 Million US, Sheikh Rashid of Ajman UAE, is reportedly its first customer. Obviously, he has a need to reach London, in 4 hrs 55 minutes, compared to the 6 hrs 40 minute in a conventional business jet.

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