K-300I was at the Casio Showroom downtown, looking for a label printer to be used at work. I was looking for a large quantity of a particular model, but unfortunately, they didn’t have it. However, the salesman showed me an alternate model the KL-300 printer.

Now this “MADE IN JAPAN” machine is a piece of work. Battery operated and having a roller on which characters are shown, you have to turn this roller and select the character you want by pressing a button corresponding to that character. It has a lever with which you cut the label off, and even has a italic fonts, different sizes, vertical printing and Mirror printing and even had 6 C batteries – included. I was really amused by the way this thing works, more so because this may have been the only thing made in Japan in that showroom.

It was being sold for KD 1.000 – old stock clearance and I couldn’t resist buying it. They gave me 6 months warranty but warned me the batteries may be dead. A ink and label cartridge costs .990 fils.

And now I’m labeling cables and CD Boxes.