iranian chain While the US has been constantly harping that the Iranians are in the process of obtaining a nuclear weapon and garnering support for this idea from the rest of its friends, the Russians and their clique do not agree.

I think the Russians are right. I mean why would Iran need a nuclear weapon. They’ve got oil. And each time they rattle the Nuclear chain sending jitters down the spine of the oil market, the price shoots up. The only expense to keep this ruse up would be a little concrete and some flat land  to make sure Google Earth gets a clear shot of it.  Obviously, the Iranian economy is healthier with oil crossing over the 90$ band and this rosiness is also being shared by the US oil majors who are making a killing.

So I’ve concluded, that the US wants Iran to want to have a nuclear weapon, even if they don’t want it and nobody else wants them to want it or have it.