The iPhone had generated so much interest that people ended up smuggling in locked units, ordering units over the net, devising new ways to unlock network locked phones, all of which poised Apple to receive huge losses over the hype generated by the device. Apple is selling the iphone network locked by some European networks, which pay a premium to gain exclusivity. It would have to follow the same strategy in all markets initially at least to keep consumers  interested in the phones.

Blogs were inundated with posts of people getting their hands on one, being able to unlock it, providing iphone-parallels tutorials to unlock them, which is proof of how much of a cult following  these touch screen phones had gathered.

Apple has now decided to add a bit of code to iPhone update packs which will render illegally unlocked iPhones unusable.

Makes you wonder what’s so great about the iPhone. In the GCC countries which are quite advanced with their 3G and beyond networks, the iPhone can be called a late comer with Quad band EDGE. While the manufacturer may call it a break through Internet device it really wouldn’t breakthrough anything except the users patience as there are networks faster than the device in operation. Any interest that users had in the phone can be termed as an aftermath of the famed iPod releases which again were mp3 players with frills and lace.

The best product in the market is the one with the biggest marketing budget….and remember ..labels tell fables