The net is rife with the deadline extension for submission of offers for the 3rd Kuwaiti Mobile operator.

The new change in the law allows companies listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange also to participate in the process, without partnering with a telecom company.  Earlier, the law required that Kuwaiti companies partner with telecom companies except the 2 incumbent operators.

This is going to mean a lot for local companies which are nurturing the dream of starting their own network. With 2 home grown networks, that were built from scratch there is no dearth of experienced hands who will be willing to put in their two cents to start the new network.

So what does this mean for the customer, nothing much unless the new operator decides to come up with some drastic landscape changing pricing and offers. The incumbents have almost all the latest services or will be in a rush to introduce some new ones before the ribbons of the new operator are cut.