The Adam’s apple, lump in the neck of the male of the species is thought to be the remains of the apple that Eve fed him. I am beginning to think that anything and everything is being blamed on Adam.

Ram SetuA 40 odd Km stretch of shoal (known as Adam’s Bridge or Ram Setu) that connects Rameshwaram in India and the islands of Mannar, Sri lanka is the latest controversy to rake the Indian mind.

This intermittent bridge is now the center of a storm,  claimed to be man made or rather Monkey made as mentioned in the epic – Ramayana, which has a thousand versions and is possibly the result of a thousand ganja laden nights in a lonely cave atop a Himalayan mountain. The origin of the bridge, is yet to be ascertained, as being man made or provided by nature.

The government of India, has sanctioned the dredging of this area to permit the building of a canal, which will facilitate a shipping lane cutting of a whole day and a little more on the shipping route to the east.

Certain political parties have now found it convenient to rake up the issue in the name of religion treating it as a fact that the bridge was manmade, to the point that some of them may even have been present during the building of the bridge.

Politics should not be used to slow development which is essential for the country, to provide employment and bring about prosperity to the people.

With a plethora of languages, cultures and religion, any new project can be derailed if one were to examine even remote religious significance someone may attach to it.

Conspiracy theory; the Sri Lankan government can do without this canal coming up there as it diverts ships from their ports to the canal, as it is a more advantageous shipping route that saves time and eventually money. Perhaps, they are in cahoots with a party with whom they have a common enemy.

Religion should be used for the development of mankind and not to take it backwards. Is it any wonder that all India has been able to achieve until recently was a “Hindu rate of growth”

How Adam got pulled into this? It seems this was built by Adam as he passed through India to go to Sri Lanka where he stood on one leg in penance on Adam’s Peak. Wonder when the rest of India is going to get into the action?

Now, the flip side is that these seas have coral reefs which acted as an effective barrier against the recent Tsunami, saving lives and like. The sands in these areas are rich in Thorium which are required for India’s nuclear fuel production and security. With reasons like these which are there to preserve nature, let not religion be used to incite tensions and rife among people.

As Swami Beyondananda said: Drive your Karma, Curb your Dogma