I must confess; I am an armchair cricketer, rising to cheer my favorite team from the comfort of my living room  only when there is a one day match. My favorite team must be the team of my country of origin. I don’t think any other way would be acceptable.

Watching the game on TV I have just come to realize how the game has evolved. A far cry from watching the World Cup 10 or so years ago. The scoring and the rules are more complex than most games and a lot of judgmental calls are involved. However, the errors in those judgements could be reduced with more precision instruments being used. Walkie talkies Stump cameras, computerized analyses, all sorts of simulations showing how the ball bounced and the cookie crumbled. Pretty soon, the ubiquitous umpire would be seen only on Test days.

The fields could be rigged with infrared or laser grids, balls fitted with RFID tags, cameras, sound and sight sensors, throwing patterns mapped by the computer simulators.

Truly a technocrat’s game..