I just remembered a hobby that I had started more than a year ago. Paper craft requires a lot of patience and the pic_001ability to clean up after you have completed the project.

I stumbled upon the Yamaha Fun page while looking for an operating manual for an Audio receiver. The Yamaha Fun page had a few wallpapers for download but what was more interesting was the paper craft section. This section provides you with .pdf files which have to be downloaded and printed. The drawings have to be cut along the lines folded and pasted and they turn out into wonderful shapes and miniature models.

I did the pumpkin and the witch as these seemed to be less complex. More complex models include the Yamaha Bikes and wild animals.

What you need

  • Thick craft paper – 140 gsm if I remember right
  • Sharp scissors
  • cutting blade
  • white glue
  • cutting board
  • steel ruler
  • nimble fingers
  • patience
  • good color printer

The more difficult tasks are the edge folding and insertions which are not really easy if you have big fingers. Over indulging in glue can also turn it messy.

But its a really captivating way to spend time if you have nothing more important to do. As far as I have seen Yamaha is the only site that has something interesting for download on their site besides the usual wallpapers and ring tones.