We spent the Friday at the Entertainment City in Doha – Kuwait. The easiest way to reach there is perhaps taking the 5th ring road. We were there since 1730 hrs and got on most of the sane, less adrenalin inducing rides. The space needle ride however, was inactive though the gates were manned by a gentleman. Asking one of the staff about why the needle was inactive, we got the response that it isn’t working today. However, around 1930 when we were about to leave, we saw the space needle ride going up; lights, people and all. So we decided to get on it too.

It was only when we asked the guy at the gate that we realized the reason why it wasn’t working earlier. The ride wont be operated if the windspeed is more than 18 kph up there. A sensor near the gate displays information like windspeed, temperature, humidity based on which the ride is turned on or off.

The gate guy also told us that there is a limit of 35 people that can get on to the ride at any one time. This is to balance the ride and prevent too many crazy dancing kids getting on it. If the module which goes around the needles shakes too much up there due to wind or imbalances caused due to too much internal dancing, then the brakes lock on and module gets stuck up there. Getting it down would be another task.