Moxie is a carbonated drink which was created way back in 1876 in the US. It was marketed as a medicine for ailments ranging from “softening of the brain” to “loss of manhood” giving the drinker spunk. Moxie, thus became synonymous with energetic people… they were said to be “full of Moxie” . The drink contains root extracts, which are known aphrodisiacs and energy providers.

Moxie lost ground to Coca cola and other carbonated drinks and is mostly popular in the US. So much about Moxie.

The photograph above is one that we took at the Applebees along the Gulf Road, here in Kuwait. It got me wondering….does the country really need it….

We are weekend regulars at the local Burger King for the last 2 or so years, infact we have been so regular that the “really friendly staff” at BK Jabriya, know our order by heart. The whopper, bean burger and apple pie couple. However it was only last week that we noticed this sign near the door handle. Quite funny, becuase people actually pull when they are supposed to push and vice-versa despite the sign…it happen to us too… Who gives a damn when you are really hungry and you know theres a burger and fries in the bag 😉