This is the official watch of the Navy Seals. So whats so special about this watch that makes it the official SEAL watch?

This watch has a proprietary self-powered illumination system, which is installed in each and every watch. Each watch has tiny borosilicate glass capsules which are filled with a gas, which need not be exposed to an external  light source to glow in the dark, unlike normal watches which have radio active paints and light bulbs.

These capsules are embedded into the our hour markers and the hands. This technology is recognized by the US governement and is a part of their procurement specification. The straps come in a variety of colors, material and are water resistant.

The watches are available in Kuwait at Shalimar Stores located in the Awqaf Complex in Kuwait City at the end of Fahad Al Salem Street. They are also the authorized representatives for Victorinox Knives and watches used by the Swiss Army.