The easiest way of spreading a common cold is by shaking hands. That’s when the virus or bacteria or whatever gets transmitted from person tfsegermso person.

Washing your hands in warm water and soap for about half a minute, is the sure fire way to wash your hands and clear them of most germs.

Hand sanitizers, which have been around in the market though were looked at with suspicion until recently. Latest research shows that these alcohol based hand sanitizers, prove to be as effective. These are especially useful when you are not near a source of water, like in the super market just after you have pushed a shopping cart, or shared a common handle (no pun intended) with someone.

They have a high alcohol content, yet they are not to be used for drinking purposes. Wet wipes are also available.

Brands like Purell and Hi Geen are available in Kuwait in most supermarkets in huge pump attached bottles as well as easy to carry pocket packs.

Most effective…how to use your hand sanitizer