Three fishing budies from North Wales have come up with a box which can be fixed underneath a car to trap greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and emit water vapor. The box is capable of holding the gases in an inert form thus enabling easy transportation and disposal. They have formed a company called Maes Anturio Ltd.

It is called the Greenbox and can be used for all sorts of vehicles and they hope to adapt this solution for industrial purposes also.

The gases captured in this box, can then be converted into biofuel using a special algae which will act as a catalyst to convert the gases.

The boxes are capable of taking exhaust from one tank of fuel and can be replaced when the fuel is refilled. The gases are then sent to a bio reactor to be emptied, where they are mixed with an algae to produce a biodiesel similar to normal diesel.

Reportedly GM and Toyota are looking at the solution.