While shopping at Sultan Center I came across the Silly Putty Sport Series. It costs 1.750 KD and comes in three variants; Basketball, Football and Soccer. Its available online at $4.99, add to that freight and you’d be better off buying it from a local shop.

I selected the Basketball version. It comes with a hoop, a stand and a play court sheet. The stand can be fixed to the table using the 3 suctions cups that come in the pack.The Silly Putty comes in a ball shaped container. You can take a small portion, roll it up into a ball and start playing.

The silly putty can be shaped into any shape, lifts off pencil marks and actually bounces. If left alone it flows and flattens out, and can be rolled back into shape again. It is a silicone based polymer and is not toxic and is called ‘the real Solid Liquid’.

It’s more fun than doodling while answering a phone call. And given its small size it fits perfectly on any table. All you have to do is find a spot to bounce it into the hoop.