A group of cyclists undertook a nide cycle ride through Brussels to stress the need for additional bicycle lanes in the country. Seems this is a regular event and the lane issue was added to the agenda. Photographs are available on the net.

In a totally unrelated incident a woman, Pooja Chauhan in India stripped down to her lingerie and walked the streets in protest against treatment by her husband’s family. The media promised her to cover the event, but only if she dressed down to her undergarments and no more. It would have crossed the levels of decency and couldn’t be shown on national TV had she dressed down any more.

Streaking  has been used as a form of protest, initiation rite, providing shock value. While the exact returns from this act is not clearly known, I guess it must be good for the skin. It is the media exposure which encourages people to bare all and display their displeasure, mostly to the pleasure of those who are watching. While it highlights the issue that is begging attention, it also provides the media easy and cheap ratings and popularity.