Humming%20birdChemical giant BASF has come up with a new genetically modified potato. This potato can produce extra starch and is targeted at paper manufacturers who use it to make paper. Sounds good…so far. Low cost raw material, extra output, cheaper paper, more profits.

However, here’s the catch…this potato has a gene which makes its resistant to antibiotics. This has raised the fear that this resistance could be passed on to the humans, which will raise their resistance to antibiotics and make us more prone to bacterial and other infections.

So why do we need to eat this GM spud which is targeted at the paper manufacturer. We don’t have to however we live under the constant threat that once these GM potatoes are planted and grow up, cross pollination could occur, through wind, birds, bees – all of which are pollinators, transferring the pollen required for reproduction from one flower to the other,  introducing the gene into our food cycle and making us resistant to the wrong thing.