A Go Bag is an easy to carry bag, which has to be placed at an accessible location in your home and contain a few important items. These could include:

  • Important documents; like certificates, passports, bank documents, IDs etc
  • A nominal amount of Cash and ATM cards
  • Medicines and snacks – for health requirements – take note of the expiry dates
  • A Flashlight – in case of power outages
  • Battery operated radio – to get notifications on the situation & of course batteries
  • personal sanitary items for ladies & Kids 
  • Small first aid kit – with basic requirements
  • Canned food
  • Bottled water

You could put in almost anything you want, but the idea would be to make sure that you and your family remains self sufficient for atleast 72 hours after the onset of a disaster. Of course the more you stuff in the more movable and accessible the bag will have to be.

The Red Cross recommends having one gallon of water per day per person.

A bag like this would be useful anywhere as no one would be able to predict an ‘Act of God’. It could be a quake, flood, war, fire….anything.