redfez.jpgThe Fez is a conical felt hat with a flat top and black tassel hanging from it. Orinally from Greek, it was adopted by the Ottoman empire as standard dress code and then passed on to the lands the Ottomans had conquered. The standard red color is due to the fez being dyed with a dye extracted from a  red Turkish berry. The Fez was adopted in the west as a symbol of relaxation. Sydney Greenstreet, is seen wearing one in the movie Casablanca. The Fez has also come to be known as the standard ‘official’ headwear of Shriners, and will usually have a symbol attached to it. Also called a Tarboosh by the Egyptians, with whom it is quite common, the fez is rarely used in the Arab world, though it was used as by many as a sign of their religious identity. A friend of mine obliged me by bringing me one but I never got around to picking it up from him!