princeThe artist once again known as Prince has released his latest album free with a copy of the Mail in the UK.

His new album, titled Planet Earth containing 10 tracks will be a covermount.

Record stores however, are not seeing this in a favorable light.

For once, we have an artist, who is siding with the customer who can ill afford an original CD, and resorts to buying illegal pirated copies.

Record companies and software companies price their products too high, on the premise that what they provide is original and that the creator needs to be paid royalties. This puts the products way out of reach of the common man and leads to  prolific piracy.

Now if these companies were to consider lowering their prices and sell volumes, this would cut out piracy and give access to the market to these products.

Vicious cycle…Company wants to make profit, Market wants the product at a reasonable price….and the twain shall never meet.