Indian Tycoon, Mukesh Ambani’s plan to build a 570 ft tower in Mumbai India, to be called Antilla, has been shot to the ground. The government is claiming that the land on which the proposed tower was to be built was obtained illegaly. Of course, Amabani & Co refute those claims.  This tower is supposed to be residential in nature and will be housing his family.

So whats so special about this tower. Whats the big deal about a house being built by a Trillionaire in Mumbai. Everyone ought to be proud of it.

Lets take a look at the break down of the floors. Floors? The sodding building has 27 of ’em.

  • 6 Floors for parking – The family has a fleet of 168 cars. Heck, decent rental companies don’t have that many.
  • 8 Floors for the staff. There are 600 domestic help on the payroll – for a family of five.
  • 1 Floor is to house a 50 seater movie Theatre. I’m sure they’d have their own pop corn machine.
  • 2 Floors for Health, Fitness and 1 Olympic Size Swimming pool
  • 2 Floors for Guests. Please invite me over..
  • 1 Floor for emergency. I guess this is the nuclear bunker
  • 4 Floors of living space.
  • 3 Floors of Terraced Gardens for relaxation.
  • Helipads – 3 and a Air Traffic Control room

600 staff lets see….a driver each for a car…thats 168. A crew of 20 to wash clean and for minor maintenance. A nanny or two for the kids. lets say a Butler, a team of 15 maids for  liveable floors , a maintenance crew of 60 for the building – remember this building better have its own power plant and air conditioning. A security team, with dogs and trainers for the dogs, ATC, 2 health and fitness coaches, 30 gardeners, 3 theatre technicians, I’m losing count here…

God, this guy is not a person, he is an establishment.

Now the guy inherited some of his fortune from Daddy ‘O” but has made some by his own hard work ( he is the 14th richest man in the world)  and has every right to spend it the way he wants, tower or no tower. If you got it flaunt it. He is only making sure that his family will be safe and secure and have all their needs catered to.

Unfortunately, the government and Ambani are not speaking in the same tongue. Biblical isnt it.? Well for someone whose forte is project management and the way the Reliance communication service was rolled out this is going to be a piece of cake..hang in there.