I invited a VIP for lunch or dinner depending on what you might want to call it, given that the time was already 1700 hrs.

www.kfg.com.kw/applebeesWe went to the Applebee’s Restaurant off the Gulf Road.

The place wasn’t too crowded, the atmosphere was quiet and friendly. The food good. The staff caring and intrested to obtain feedback on what they were doing.  However, I found them too quick. We were given menus as soon as we were seated and the hostess was back in a couple of minutes asking if we were ready to order.

The decor is what I call Kitschy, with all manner of sporting goods and stuff tacked to the wall. There was even a poster there which got me all interested and looks like material for my next post.

The starters look tempting but if you plan on having a meal I suggest you do without the starters as those can turn out to be a meal themselves. The drinks, mostly Ice Crushes, need to be iced down a bit.

Their feedback card is supposedly online. You have to log in to their website, enter a numeric code that is printed along with your bill and answer simple yes or no questions and the next time I will be eligible for a free dessert, as per the hostess. Now, I’d rather fill it in by hand at the restaurant itself and forego the free desert. Needless to say, I forgot the bill at the restuarant.

Meal for two: around 14.000 KD

Beach view and quiet atmosphere: priceless