I was out to renew my satellite connection. Having been put off by my current service provider Eurostar, due to theirpathetic and unfriendly customer service, I checked with Fonz if I could renew my susbcription with them, and viola… when i checked with their customer service (call 806006) they said Sure. All I had to do was visit a Fonz retail outlet which is open from 10 am to 10 pm and they actually took the trouble to find out where I live and give me the location to one near my home.

The payment was quick and painless and When I asked if the subscription could be reactivated, the guy behind the customer said he will try, and faxed my invoice to some number.

To my surprise half an hour later, the connection was reinstated.

This was a world apart from what I was suffering with my first provider. The person was rude, illogical and not willing to even help. Thank god for this option!! They also have a good collection of phones and accessories.