I was reading my copy of Kids say the darndest things by Bill Cosby at breakfast. And later on I find out that it is his birthday today. Talk about coincidences.

Born William Henry Cosby Jr. Bill Cosby, is a performer par excellence. Comedy is his Forte and his many television shows are ample evidence of this.

I’m sure most of us will remember the Bill Cosby show where he plays the role of Dr. Huxtable, and the Fat Albert Show and more recently Cosby. He also hostedKids say the darndest things  along with Art Linkletter.

The Bill Cosby show was largely based on his own life situation and he had a huge part in its creative aspects, which made the show a super hit.

He is known mostly for his stand up comedy skits which are available as Audio Books and provide great entertainment on one of those days when you need to smil

His son was shot dead in 97,  he was also slapped with a paternity suit by an extortionist and has also had a case  of assault settled out of court. Guess that is the price one pays for being a celebrity.

Literary works by Bill Cosby  include, Fatherhood, Childhood, Time flies, Kids say the darndest things, and others which I don’t own yet.

Long Life.