For a virgin attempt by a debutant director, Cheeni Kum comes across as an exellent film, with witty dialogs and a crew of motley characters.

Amitabh Bachchan as Buddhadev Gupta, shines throughout the movie, having clearly broken out of the cast of the Angry Young Man. He has decided to grow old gracefully and enjoy it. Tabu, in her role as the female love interest with the devil gives a damn attitude as usual excels and plays her role to the hilt. Other characters include, Zohra Segal, Paresh Rawal and Swini Khara, as Sexy.

Mr. Gupta, a chef by profession and owner of Spice 6, the best Indian restaurant in London, one day berates a young lady (Ms. Nina Varma, played by Tabu) who has send back the Hyderabadi Zafrani Pulao she ordered, saying it was sweet. Mr. Gupta is surprised as the Pulao has always left the kitchen to reach the patrons stomach always and has never been returned.

The following day a plate of Pulao is again returned to the Kitchen, however, this time cooked to perfection but by the patron who was berated. Realizing his mistake, the chef wishes to apologize to the young lady, and one thing leads to another.

Zohra Segal, plays Mr. Gupta’s mother, Paresh Rawal plays Ms. Varma’s non-vegetarian, tried everything once but slave to none, Gandhian father. Sexy, played by Swini Khara, the 9 yr old Leukemia patient, on a DVD watching spree, dispenses advise with the wisdom of one who has seen it all.

Depicting in and around London, a little of Delhi, absolutely no fight scenes and a lot of comedy and romance, borderline A rated dialogs, all mix well together to present a hit.

The Music score though by Ilayaraja, is old Tamil songs bottled with new lyrics. Could have done better or even avoided those songs.

Dont Miss it.