I was reading  the June Wrap up on WordPress, which mentioned Live Writer, and thought I’ll try it out.

The download was quick (considering the not so fast speeds that we have here), Installation and configuration, straight forward and simple.

I am now writing on a page that looks similar to the one that will be published using the web layout feature, and not on a form; which leaves one wondering what the final product would look like. The web preview feature can show you what your final post will look like too!!

The insert picture has some nifty and simple editing features. And you can also edit your recent posts.

Your categories list is avialable on the right side top. and it looks quite simple. You dont have to actually login to wordpress unless you want to see your stats and stuff. I might actually enjoy this.

I am not being paid by Microsoft to write this.

Update: Couldn’t figure out how to load videos from You Tube, Google Video etc.