The 1975 adaptation of a Broadway play starring Walter Matthau and George Burns, this movie is about getting a comedy duo back again to do a show for ABC.

However, the two actors don’t see eye to eye anymore and their agent, Lewis’ newphew has a tough time getting them together. The duo have to do a comedy sketch about a doctor and patient, one which they have done 11000 times before they broke up, but have to do once more. 

This movie spawned a TV show in which Woody Allen (who was originally slated to direct the movie, but turned down the offer because he wanted the Lewis role and didn’t get it) and Peter Falk (of Colombo fame)

And an ‘ah stick’…

‘ah stick??’

‘ah stick, the one they stick in your mouth to say aaah’

The movie is filled with classic dialogues & swift rejoinders. Great Comedy.