Qatar has shortlisted 12 out of the 17 applicants for the Second Cell opeartor license.

And the final 12 are..

  • Airtel from India
  • MTC from Kuwait
  • Verizon from Godknowswhere
  • Batelco from Bahrain
  • AT & T from US
  • Digicel also from Godknowswhere
  • Orascom from Egypt
  • Jordan Telecom from Jordan
  • Etisalat from UAE
  • Reliance from India
  • Omantel Belgacom from Oman
  • Vodafone from UK

And the winner is….

Going by the fact that Q Tel made history by buying out Wataniya at a supposedly inflated price, which is the start of a move to integrate the economies of the GCC..lets see..


Pop: 900,000

Mobile penetration: over 100%

Pop growth: 2.8%

Existing License: 3G

Internet penetration: 25%

 Any investment made in this license would be like a donation. Being done becuase it has to be done. Now who has that kind of money…

The Saudi’s are not on the list. The Bahraini’s dont have that kind of money, Etisalat is smarting from its recent investment in Egypt…lets see…..integrate….economy….i dunno