The government of Kerala, was pulled up by the High court for not implementing an order making it compulsory for all 2 wheeler users to wear a helmet.

The government then went into top gear, implementing the order, fining anyone who was found not wearing one even while the prices for helments went through the roof, due to the huge demand and virtually zero supply.

The order calls for the rider in the front seat to wear a helmet. Some sources say the helmet should have a wiper blade which is controlled electronically, just to clear the visor in the event of rain.

The people of Kerala have been most enterprising when it comes to circumventing the law. One rider implmented the law to the word, exploiting a loop hole.

As a one time bike rider, who has met with more than an accident 2 sounds still ring loud in my noggin:

  • the resounding thud of my helmet hitting a lamp post
  • my helmet being dragged along the road

both times with my head in it. Its really not uncomfortable wearing one. Its just inconvenient to carry around. And pray how would one answer ones mobile calls with a helmet on??!! Or parade their freshly oiled braids of hair to those who care to look, perhaps even trap some grime and bugs that are in the air.

As Vitalstatistix says: there’s only one thing to be afraid of, that the sky will fall on your head.