Dubai has implemented a toll system, SALIK to collect tolls from cars travelling on the Sh. Zayed road and Garhoud Bridge. The systems utilizes state of the art RFID technology. The RFID tag on the car, which is in the form of a prepaid sticker to be affixed on the windsheild, is recognized by the scanner on the toll gates and deducts 4 AED each time a vehicle passes. The government aims to collect around 600 Million Dirhams a year from this source alone.

This has to probably be the most high profile deployment of RFID technology in the Middle East yet.

Considering the steep rents, this toll which is one more burden on the ornery resident is bound to make the driver think twice about filling up his guzzler and riding around town.

So lets see..

  • more revenue to the government
  • more expense to the public
  • less emissions
  • less traffic
  • usage of public transportation – METRO coming up in 200x

I kinda like this!! (as long as I dont have to pay)

The hole being burned in the pocket will directly affect the hole being burned into the ozone layer from all those pollutants.