E tickets are electronic tickets for your seat reservations on an aircraft or other mode of transport. The paper ticket is replaced by a confirmation code, which is used by the counter agent to retrieve your booking and issue a boarding card. The ticket exists digitally on the computer reservations system.

Most airlines provide a facility to print out the confirmation and flight details for the convenience of the customer.

This facility has been now used to dupe unwitting customers in Kuwait into paying for tickets that did not exist. The travel agent collected money on the basis of these print outs and told customers that they wont be getting a (traditional) ticket, as they have been issued e-tickets.

The travel agency has now been shut down and the local authorities are investigating.

The story carried in the local daily Arab Times: http://www.arabtimesonline.com/client/pagesdetails.asp?nid=2151&ccid=9

Please ensure that you buy tickets only from authorized sources or that you buy them yourselves from a trusted site.

Technology which is supposed to make life easier can also be used to make it more difficult