These are the last words you want to hear when on an aircraft whether you are flying or even if it’s just sitting on the tarmac.

My flight on the 23rd back to Kuwait from Trivandrum was cancelled due to a technical snag. Rumors have it that a ladder hit the engine and something was knocked out. I had a vantage point from the inside and could see the engineers tightening nuts and bolts, but it was not before 3 hours that we were offloaded. The ‘men and material’ required for the repairs to be carried out were expected to reach only the following day.

We were led back to the airport by the extremely courteous Kuwait Airways ground crew who were providing the option of hotel accomodation to those who were stranded. I chose to go home, but kept following up on the situation. The immigration stamps on our passports had to be cancelled to let us back into the country…(and I thought I was an Indian)

Luckily enough, I was accomodated on the regular flight on the 24th with an upgrade to Business class. The ground staff were extremely helpful. But this being the travel season and all, I heard there are about 80-90 people still stranded and waiting to go back.


The Kuwait airport website shows the flight is expected back to Kuwait today…after a 48 hour delay. While it may be a harrowing experience being stranded while travelling, especially when you are expected to meet deadlines and your leave has run out, flying with that nut and bolt on the aircraft fixed and tight makes one feel safe. I’d rather fly in a safe aircraft…Am I watching too much of LOST!!!