Carrefour (in Kuwait) has now started offering re-usable shopping bags to its customers at a price of .200 fils. These bags will be replaced when and if they are damaged. The bags are made of tough woven plastic with carry loops, are heavy duty and have a long life.

Using a normal plastic shopping bag reduces production emissions which contribute to green house gases and consequently global warming. The normal bags are also not biodegradeable, thereby posing one more threat to the environement.

What does this mean for Carrefour:

  • Instant recognition that they are also a socially responsible organization
  • Great loyalty…I cant imagine anyone carrying a Carrefour bag and going to another store
  • Cut costs on producing the normal plastic bags.
  • Extra revenue from selling the new bags, which can be quite a revenue earner if the trend catches on.
  • Absence of Carrefour plastic bags in the garbage bins of the suburbs. These shopping bags serve as garbage bags once they have served the purpose of carrying the shopping home. Now that should do wonders for their image.

My intial reaction was to say no when offered the bags, but after going through their brochure for the reusable bags, I was reconsidering.

How does that affect my shopping behavior….?

I will have to have a bunch of shopping bags…atleast 2 KD worth (10 Bags) in my car. This is going to eat up precious boot space.

I would be forced to go back to Carrefour. What with having a bunch of shopping bags and spending money on those bags.  Well, they have a huge selection of electronics & toys…why not!!??