(from L to R) Weber, Unknown security guard, Mrs. Bachchan

Swiss film maker Bernard Weber has initiated a web campaign to decide the new seven wonders of the world. These 7 wonders are man made structures which are in an acceptable state of preservation.

Candidates include the Taj Mahal, The statue of Liberty, The Great wall of China, the Christ redeemer statue at Rio de Janeiro are some of the favorites. All structures built before 2000 were eligible to be entered into the competition to select the final 21 out of which the 7 wonders will be selected.

The Kuwait Towers should have been entered too, for its unique structural and design features.

Log in and vote for your favourite wonder of the world at www.new7wonders.com. Only 18 days and 4 hours left as of the time of posting. The results will be announced on 07.07.07