mosquito inclusion in fossilThe simple mosquito has been around since Jurassic times, easily qualifiying it as the oldest enemy that the Indian army has ever fought.

The Indian Army Medical corp has been deployed in Kerala to fight the Chikun gunya (or yet to be identified disease believed to be spread by Mosquitoes as claimed by the Indian governement) outbreak. The soldiers with red crosses have been setting up camp, diagonising and treating people quickly and efficiently. At the same time teams are going around fogging and de-contaminating ponds and piles of garbage, which are breeding grounds for these biters.

Clearly, it wouldn’t have reached this situation if every person kept his surroundings clean and took the appropriate precautions to destroy the larvae at their breeding grounds. The people of course have not wasted any time in blaming the authorities.

While these may not be the best authorities in the world, why blame anyone for whats happening in your own backyard.

Cleanliness, like everything else starts at home.