In what is probably the best display of team spirit and sportsmanship, cricket teams are now putting their heads together to control the fate of their games. They are now getting rid of foreign coaches and trying to install local ones. Coaches who will be in touch with the local sensitivities and who understand the need to play and not win always.

This is being done in different ways.

Look at what happen to the late Pakistani cricket coach Bob Woolmer. They still haven’t been able to confirm whether that was a natural death.

What did the Indians do? They planned it well. They lost pathetically, to minnows Bangladesh in the world cup. Greg Chappel escaped with his life, and exited rather silently and unceremoniously. Going by precedent, Graham Ford has now turned down the offer to coach India, citing prior commitments. No blood please, we are Indians!

Its only a game after all. Not worth risking your neck!!