A few months ago the Governement announced a 3rd Cellular operator license was being issued and it would be up and running within this year.

Telecom tower blocking the view

That should bring about some movements within a duopoly market provided all 3 of them dont display any cartel behaviour and set about fixing prices among themselves, taking everyone for a ride.

In a market that has 2 operators, most advanced networks in the region, over 90% penetration, a population growth rate thats not so great, the rational for starting a new network may just not be visible. Obviously, it wasn’t a business decision.

With all the reasons, whatever they may be, for a new network being bandied around, someone should seriously look into the MVNO option.

The new operator can buy airtime and services,wholesale,  in bulk from the incumbents, market it under a new brand, at a decent profit margin, without huge investments for a new network.

  • The investment would be in creating a new brand introducing and developing it.
  • No expensive frequency allocation fees
  • Minimum network investment
  • The focus would be on marketing the new products.
  • The onus for improving services would fall on the existing networks who would actually have to pull up their socks.
  • Who needs one more tower, providing us with more than our required quota of radiation?
  • What new service is the 3rd Operator going to provide anyway? The incumbents go to the website of their respective partners and blatantly copy and introduce those services here.