I watched the Discovery documentary the Lost Tomb of Jesus only last night. I found it to be a bit too far fetched especially with the exprets desperately trying to prove that this did belong to the Jesus family. A few marks on the ossuaries have been translated and viola this has become the subject for a documentary.

A few questions:

  • Why weren’t the bones found in the ossuaries tested for similarities in DNA?
  • Why was the DNA testing stopped after proving that Yeshua and Mariamne did not share the same maternal DNA?
  • Was this evidence enough to prove that they were related maritally?
  • How did Mariamne travel all the way to France come back to Talpiot and have a young kid buried along with her.
  • Who was Jose?

Maybe its me, but there was proportionally a lot more focus on Jose than anyone else.

So maybe the guy was married, atleast he practiced what he preached…he loved his neighbor, did not commit adultery and so on and so forth. How does that affect ones belief or his teachings. Christianity is a way of life, the origins maybe subject to debate, but a documentary like this one does not pose a threat to concepts that have withstood the test of time. Was this an attempt at trying to prove that someone was loving his neighbor and catch him at it too?!

 What does a documentary like this do at prime time on a great channel. Kaching!! Ad revenues baby! The normal couch potato viewer wouldn’t be able to fathom the number of zeroes that have been added in revenue which is going to fund James Cameron’s next opus magnum

Imagine if there was a blood line that is being protected by the opus dei or the priory of Sion or whoever, there would be a mad rush with everyone clambering to find out if they belong to the blood line. Why not? JC, Superstar.